December 21, 2014
Welcome to the Investor Relations section
• We are committed to full transparency to the investment community.
• Corporate governance committee composed of independent members.
• First and only Quadruple Play provider in Mexico.
• Targeting Underserved Segments.
• Service provided in over 70 cities.

2Q14 Maxcom Earnings Report
Maxcom's business is characterized by the following strengths:
• Cost Efficient, Flexible, Reliable Technology.
• Wide Range of Service Offerings.
• History of Developing Strategic Alliances.
• History of High Penetration Rates.
• Valuable Last-Mile Ownership.

Detailed Competitive Strengths
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, is an integrated telecommunication services operator providing widespread voice and data services to residential and small- and medium -sized business customers in four metropolitan markets in Mexico and selected service in other markets. The Company targeted the residential and business customer segments which it believes has been underserved.

Detailed Description

Maxcom's shares trade at the The Mexican Stock Exchange, through "CPOs" , each CPO equal to 3 Ordinary Series A Shares. Ticker symbol, Maxcom CPO.

Maxcom's shares trade at the "New York Stock Exchange", through American Depositary Shares, 1 ADS is equal to 7 ordinary shares. Ticker symbol, MXT

Maxcom is committed to the highest standards of ethics. The Company conducts its business as a good corporate citizen and complies with all laws, rules and regulations.

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